Berkeley Place Sidewalk Survey

History and Overview

In early 2015 the Berkeley Place Association formed a task force to study the feasibility of installing sidewalks to fill in gaps in our pedestrian network.

The committee began surveying the neighborhood to identify properties that lacked front or side yard sidewalks. It also surveyed street corners to identify where ADA compliant ramps might be required.

Issues were raised over impacts to existing trees, vegetation and homeowner privacy concerns.   

The committee met with city staff from Transportation and Public Works to determine what options were available. These included alternative paving materials to minimize disruption to tree roots and alternate placement of sidewalk next to the curb or on private property (with homeowner's consent). Several committee members met with the city arborist to discuss site specific questions.

The final recommendation proposed to the BPA is included here. In it, the committee recommended the BPA request that the city survey affected homeowners for their consent to install sidewalk adjacent to their property in the city owned parkway. This gave individual homeowners a veto over changes in front of or next to their home without affecting the overall project.  
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