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Red Horse Security

Red Horse Security is a security service that patrols our neighborhood keeping it safe.  The more neighbors that sign up, the more hours we have.  Since starting the program the number of subscribers has dropped as people have moved.  Red Horse will be reducing it's hours unless more people sign up! 

Red Horse Services

Services Include:
  • Non-commissioned uniformed security officer to patrol specified area
  • Red Horse marked vehicle
Standard Security Procedures:
  • Patrol (drive/walk) around specified area
  • Keep log of incidents to report to client
  • Provide a visible presence (i.e.. strobe light, security signs, & full uniform)
  • Liaison between Fire and Police
  • Provide electronic patrol area checkpoints as requested by BPA

Red Horse Protection, Inc. 
8008 Camp Bowie West, Suite #107
Fort Worth, Texas 76116
Office (817) 244-0222
Fax (817) 244-0399
Please print and fill out the New Client Sheet and Berkeley Authorization which are on the Red Horse Protection website here:
Jason Brown,
Jun 18, 2009, 3:40 PM