Crime Alert: BOLO

Be On the Look Out (BOLO)
See Something...Report Something

Report Something

Do you see suspicious activity in the neighborhood?   Has a crime already been committed?  Please report it! 
Step 1:  Either call 911 or the Police Non-Emergency number 817.335.4222 first.
Step 2:  Warn your neighbors by sending a short e-mail to  This is an e-mail to text group and will send a cell phone text to a group of individuals in the neighborhood that choose to receive the crime alerts. It will also send an e-mail to the entire Buzz group but will be on moderator delay. 
  • Please put BOLO in the subject line.
  • Try to limit your e-mail to 250 characters or less. 
  • Only alerts about suspicious activity or crime should be sent to this e-mail.

No Soliciting Sign

Would you like a "No Soliciting" sign to put on your front door?  There's a document attached to the bottom of this page that you can open and print.  There's a large and small version on the same sheet of paper.  The "No Handbills" portion will keep advertisers from hanging ads on your door. 
After printing the page, cut out either the large or small sign and fold it and tape it on your front door or window so that you can always have the emergency numbers handy.


Jason Brown,
Oct 26, 2010, 8:53 AM
Jason Brown,
Oct 26, 2010, 8:53 AM